A Humbling Sight

An old Scotchwoman, who had resisted all entreaties of her friends to

have her photo taken, was at last induced to employ the services of a

local artist in order to send her likeness to a son in America. On

receiving the first impression she failed to recognise the figure

thereon depicted as herself; so, card in hand, she set out for the

artist's studio to ask if there was no mistake.

"Is that me?" she queried.

"Yes, madam," replied the artist.

"And is it like me?" she again asked.

"Yes, madam; it's a speaking likeness."

"Aweel!" she said, resignedly, "it's a humblin' sicht."

* * *

_Dollie:_ Yes, Miss Fethers is a pretty girl, but she doesn't wear very


_Pollie_ (_kindly_): I know, but the poor thing wears the best she has,

I suppose.

* * *