WILLIE--"Teacher says we're here to help others."

PA--"Of course we are."

WILLIE--"Well, what are the others here for?"

There was once a remarkably kind boy who was a great angler. There was a

trout stream in his neighborhood that ran through a rich man's estate.

Permits to fish the stream could now
and then be obtained, and the boy

was lucky enough to have a permit.

One day he was fishing with another boy when a gamekeeper suddenly

darted forth from a thicket. The lad with the permit uttered a cry of

fright, dropped his rod, and ran off at top speed. The gamekeeper


For about half a mile the gamekeeper was led a swift and difficult

chase. Then, worn out, the boy halted. The man seized him by the arm and

said between pants:

"Have you a permit to fish on this estate?

"Yes to be sure," said the boy, quietly.

"You have? Then show it to me."

The boy drew the permit from his pocket. The man examined it and frowned

in perplexity and anger.

"Why did you run when you had this permit?" he asked.

"To let the other boy get away," was the reply. "He didn't have none!"