A farmer, according to this definition, is a man who makes his money on

the farm and spends it in town. An agriculturist is a man who makes his

money in town and spends it on the farm.

In certain parts of the west, where without irrigation the cultivators

of the land would be in a bad way indeed, the light rains that during

the growing season fall from time to time, are appreciated to a degree

> that is unknown in the east.

Last summer a fruit grower who owns fifty acres of orchards was

rejoicing in one of these precipitations of moisture, when his hired man

came into the house.

"Why don't you stay in out of the rain?" asked the fruit-man.

"I don't mind a little dew like this," said the man. "I can work along

just the same."

"Oh, I'm not talking about that," exclaimed the fruit-man. "The next

time it rains, you can come into the house. I want that water on the


They used to have a farming rule

Of forty acres and a mule.

Results were won by later men

With forty square feet and a hen.

And nowadays success we see

With forty inches and a bee.


Blessed be agriculture! if one does not have too much of it.--_Charles

Dudley Warner_.

When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the

founders of human civilization.--_Daniel Webster_.