"Mother, may I go aeroplane?"

"Yes, my darling Mary.

Tie yourself to an anchor chain

And don't go near the airy."


Harry N. Atwood, the noted aviator, was the guest of honor at a dinner

in New York, and on the occasion his eloquent reply to a toast on

aviation terminated neatly with these words:

"The aeroplane has come at last, but it was a long time coming. We can

imagine Necessity, the mother of invention, looking up at a sky all

criss-crossed with flying machines, and then saying, with a shake of her

old head and with a contented smile:

"'Of all my family, the aeroplane has been the hardest to raise.'"

A genius who once did aspire

To invent an aerial flyer,

When asked, "Does it go?"

Replied, "I don't know;

I'm awaiting some damphule to try 'er."