The Upstart

There was one character which, through life, always kindled Swift's

indignation, the haughty, presuming, tyrannizing upstart! A person of

this description chanced to reside in the parish of Laracor. Swift

omitted no opportunity of humbling his pride; but, as he was as ignorant

as insolent, he was obliged to accommodate the coarseness of the lash to

the callosity of the back. The following lines have been found written

y Swift upon this man:--

The rascal! that's too mild a name;

Does he forget from whence he came;

Has he forgot from whence he sprung;

A mushroom in a bed of dung;

A maggot in a cake of fat,

The offspring of a beggar's brat.

As eels delight to creep in mud,

To eels we may compare his blood;

His blood in mud delights to run;

Witness his lazy, lousy son!

Puff'd up with pride and insolence,

Without a grain of common sense,

See with what consequence he stalks,

With what pomposity he talks;

See how the gaping crowd admire

The stupid blockhead and the liar.

How long shall vice triumphant reign?

How long shall mortals bend to gain?

How long shall virtue hide her face,

And leave her votaries in disgrace?

----Let indignation fire my strains,

Another villain yet remains--

Let purse-proud C----n next approach,

With what an air he mounts his coach!

A cart would best become the knave,

A dirty parasite and slave;

His heart in poison deeply dipt,

His tongue with oily accents tipt,

A smile still ready at command,

The pliant bow, the forehead bland----