A Carrier's Dog

A carrier on his way to a market town had occasion to stop at some houses

by the road side, in the way of his business, leaving his cart and horse

upon the public road, under the protection of a passenger and a trusty

dog. Upon his return he missed a led horse, belonging to a gentleman in

the neighbourhood, which he had tied to the end of the cart, and likewise

one of the female passengers. On inquiry he was informed that during hi

absence the female, who had been anxious to try the mettle of the pony,

had mounted it, and that the animal had set off at full speed. The carrier

expressed much anxiety for the safety of the young woman, casting at the

same time an expressive look at his dog. Oscar observed his master's eye,

and aware of its meaning, instantly set off in pursuit of the pony, which

coming up with soon after, he made a sudden spring, seized the bridle, and

held the animal fast. Several people having observed the circumstance, and

the perilous situation of the girl, came to relieve her. Oscar, however,

notwithstanding their repeated endeavours, would not quit his hold, and

the pony was actually led into the stable with the dog, till such time as

the carrier should arrive. Upon the carrier entering the stable, Oscar

wagged his tail in token of satisfaction, and immediately relinquished the

bridle to his master.