Doing Homage

: Kings.

Mr. Carbonel, the wine merchant who served George III., was
a great favourite with the king, and used to be admitted to the royal

hunts. Returning from the chase one day, his majesty entered affably into

conversation with him, and rode with him side by side a considerable way.

Lord Walsingham was in attendance; and watching an opportunity, took Mr.

Carbonel aside, and whispered something to him. "What's that, what's that

Walsingham has been saying to you?" inquired the good-humoured monarch. "I

find, sire, I have been unintentionally guilty of disrespect; my lord

informed me, that, I ought to have taken off my hat whenever I addressed

your majesty; but your majesty will please to observe, that whenever I

hunt, my hat is fastened to my wig, and my wig is fastened to my head, and

I am on the back of a very high-spirited horse; so that if any thing _goes

off_, we _all go off together!_" The king accepted, and laughed heartily

at, the whimsical apology.