: Presence Of Mind.

An accomplished gentleman, when carving a tough goose, had the
misfortune to send it entirely out of the dish, and into the lap of the

lady next to him; on which he very coolly looked her full in the face, and

with admirable gravity and calmness, said, "Madam, may I trouble you for

that goose." In a case like this, a person must, necessarily, suffer so

much, and be such an object of compassion to the company, that the kindest

thing he can do is to appear as unmoved as possible.

Lord Peterborough was once taken by the mob for the duke of Marlborough

(who was then in disgrace with them), and being about to be roughly treated

by these friends to summary justice, he told them, "Gentlemen, I can

convince you, by two reasons, that I am not the duke of Marlborough. In the

first place, I have only five guineas in my pocket; and, in the second,

they are heartily at your service." So throwing his purse amongst them, he

got out of their hands, with loud huzzas and acclamations.