Bishop of St. Lisieux

: Humanity.

The massacre of St. Bartholomew was not confined to
Paris; orders were sent to the most distant provinces to commence the work

of destruction. When the governor of the province brought the order to

Hennuyer, Bishop of Lisieux, he opposed it with all his power, and caused a

formal act of his opposition to be entered on the registers of the

province. Charles IX., when remorse had taken place of cruelty, was so far

from disappro
ing of what this excellent prelate had done, that he gave him

the greatest praise for his humanity; and Protestants flocked in numbers to

adjure their religion at the feet of this good and kind shepherd, whose

gentleness affected them more than either the commands of the sovereign,

or the violence of the soldiery.

On the same occasion, Viscount d'Orthe had the courage to write from

Bayonne to Charles IX., that he found many good soldiers in his garrison,

but not one executioner; and begged him to command their lives in any

service that was possible to men of honor.

Baron Von Stackelberg, in going from Athens to Thessalonica in an armed

vessel, was taken by some Albanian pirates, who immediately sent the

captain of the vessel to the former place, demanding 60,000 piastres for

the baron's ransom, and threatening that if it was not paid, they would

tear his body to pieces. They obliged him, at the same time, to write to

Baron Haller and another friend, to acquaint them with the demand. The time

fixed by the pirates had elapsed, and Baron Stackelberg, who had become

extremely ill, was expecting a cruel death, when the humane and generous

Haller, who had borrowed 14,500 Turkish piastres, at 30 per cent.,

appeared. The pirates refused to take less than the sum demanded. Haller

offered himself as a hostage instead of his friend, if they would prolong

his life, and suffer him to recover from his sickness. This noble deed

contributed to convince the pirates, that no larger sum could be obtained;

they accepted it, and Haller returned to Athens with the friend whom his

humanity had preserved.