Astley Cooper

: The Drama--actors, Etc.

Probably no surgeon of ancient or modern times enjoyed a
greater share of reputation during his life than fell to the lot of Sir

Astley, and that in all parts of the world. We cannot give a better example

of this than the fact of his signature being received as a passport among

the mountains of Biscay by the wild followers of Don Carlos. A young

English surgeon, seeking for employment, was carried as a prisoner before

Zumalacarrequi, who demanded what testimonials he had of his calling or his

qualifications. Our countryman presented his diploma of the College of

Surgeons, and the name of Astley Paston Cooper, which was attached to it,

no sooner struck the eye of the Carlist leader, than he at once received

his prisoner with friendship, and appointed him a surgeon in his army.